Energy Forecast - Reconnections

January 26th, 2010

Peace & blessings,

In my previous energy forecast, I mentioned that on January 15th a powerful celestial event would occur with a full solar eclipse and new moon taking center stage. This event signified another powerful anchor point that would trigger a quantum shift in consciousness.

Before we move forward in full force, a powerful reconnection is taking place for everyone on an individual and global scale. What does this reconnection look like in our own personal lives? Some manifestations people might be experiencing right now are transitions in their jobs, feeling tired, anxious, emotional, lonely, and more hungry than usual. This is all perfect, as it is a part of the reconnection process aligning us to the new more heart-centered way of living and being.

Another wonderful manifestation occurring right now as a result of the reconnection process is our reunions with old friends and loved ones that we have not heard from, seen, or thought about in a very long time. These people we were once very close to are re-entering our thoughts, hearts, and lives, as if they never even left. This time around, we are experiencing these people in a completely different way. It’s as if all the good qualities we remember about them have completely erased any discord or misunderstandings that might have occurred in the past between us. If we were ever in doubt that forgiveness had not been achieved by us towards them, all those doubts will disappear when the reunion happens. Many of us will also connect with new people who we have never met before feeling a strong and instant bond with them as if we’ve always known each other. During these re-connections, we will operate from a more authentic place, making way for deeper connections and transformations to manifest.

On a global scale, we can see the reconnection in full bloom as the world comes together and opens its heart to help heal a close family member, the country of Haiti. With this out pouring of love and assistance Haiti is receiving right now, a powerful global unified energy field has formed and is creating the perfect environment for a major quantum leap in collective consciousness, bringing us even closer to the heart-centered global society that is currently being birthed.

For those who are still struggling or having a difficult time right now, try to find a way to move back into the heart space. Be willing to let the flow of the Universe guide and unburden you of all worries and fear based belief patterns. A few simple things we can do to help us move back to our heart space is to be out in nature, listen to beautiful music, meditate, forgive, laugh, and be creative. The sooner we allow ourselves to move back into the heart, the more quickly we reconnect ourselves with the Universal Flow, opening ourselves up to the miracles that are being sent to us on a daily basis.

Till next time!

Miraculously yours,



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