Energy Forecast - A Love Revival

January 8th, 2010

Blessings my incredible friend!

A powerful love revival is happening all around us on a personal and global scale at this time! Can you feel it? It's so exciting I can barely contain myself! These energies are brewing up something far greater than we can imagine, and we each have a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth!

On January 15th, a celestial event will occur with a full a solar eclipse complimented by a new moon. On an energetic level, this event will usher new beginnings allowing us to easily let go of all that no longer serves us, and to step into the highest visions we have for ourselves. If there is anything still keeping us in a holding pattern, it's important to take a moment to connect with our inner voice, and ask to receive clarity and guidance in how we can re-align ourselves with the Universal Flow. Many of us tend to get caught up in the day to day fast paced "I just don't have enough time" kind of life, and forget to slow down and get present enough to listen to our inner guidance system, which sends us constant insights and message of how to remain in alignment and experience a bliss-ed life.

Opportunities are presenting themselves left and right on a constant basis for us now, it's just a matter of being able to be clear and present enough to recognize them! The current energies are in full support of helping us manifesting our highest visions for ourselves, so let's use this miraculous time to focus on anchoring these visions into our life experience!
It's time!

Till next time!

Miraculously yours,

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