Grounding It All In!

Energy Forecast - "Grounding it all in!"
August 23rd, 2010

Hi my miraculous friend,

Are you sensing the electricity in the air? Many of us have been processing some profound inner transformation due to all the extraordinary celestial happenings this summer which included two eclipses, quite a few powerful astrological alignments, the summer solstice, and of course the abundance of solar flares that have poured into our atmosphere and continue to do so.

For many of us, this powerful combination of events has served to peel off even the deepest layers that have been preventing us from being our most authentic self. With all these layers being cleared away so fast, it's absolutely normal that many of us might feel burnt out with almost no energy left, maybe even feeling like we've been put through the ringer.

Although many of us are still processing through this heavy releasing phase for the next few weeks, we are now moving into the next chapter of our lives which is all about anchoring and grounding into physical form, the manifestation of all the inner-work we've faithfully done on ourselves over the past few years. This inner-work has served to remind us of who we really are and what our lives are really about, which is to experience Ultimate Joy and to reconnect with our Truest Divine Nature.

Prior to entering this physical experience, we knew that we would go through all the challenges of forgetting who we really were, so that we can evolve and remember who we have always known ourselves to be on a deeper level, Divine Beautiful Spiritual Beings of Love, experiencing more of ourselves in physical form.

Grounding it all in:

Right now, we are in a time of major grounding. Grounding moves us into the present moment, which transcends all time and space and reconnects us to our core essence. With this awareness, that getting fully present allows us to transcend time, we can easily manifest into physical form our deepest and truest desires with ease and grace. Some amazing ways to ground at this time are to connect with nature by sitting in the grass, placing our feet in the soil of Mother Earth, and feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin. Getting fully present in our five senses, being grateful, and being of service are also extraordinary ways to ground.

 Recognizing the freedom in grounding:

For many, the idea of grounding may feel a bit constricting, because of the misconception that grounding means we have to be fixed or inflexible in some way. Because of this, especially in many of the spiritual communities, there tends to be a strong focus on looking outside one's self for some thing to save us, almost like an escape. What this does, is move us out of our power and into victim consciousness.

When we recognize the value and importance of grounding by getting present through sacred processes such as gratitude, connecting with nature, being of service to ourselves and others, among many other things we can do, we begin to understand how much of a gift our lives are, and how privileged each of us are to be here on this planet during this unprecedented, and historic time. We begin to recognize how miraculous it is that we get to experience our five senses through our gifts of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch; things that many of us might be taking for granted. When we recognize what grounding really means, then we understand that grounding leads to freedom which ultimately moves us back into our Divine Power.

As we continue to release the layers that no longer serve us personally, we also do the same globally. There has been and will continue to be a great deal of distraction through media outlets to 'keep us busy' from doing our inner-work, however if we focus on our grounding, we naturally disconnect ourselves from buying into the distractions preventing us from stepping into our Greatest Most Divine Selves. And if for some reason, we do find our selves buying into the distractions, we can use this time as a wonderful opportunity to send Unconditional Love back to all the distractions being shared with us through the media outlets.

With an open heart comes an open mind, where a world of beauty, joy, and miracles can play in their full glory. This is the direction we are already moving in, and together we are quickly birthing a Divine Miraculous New World into physical form full steam ahead!

With deepest gratitude,

Miraculously yours,
 Emmanuel Dagher

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©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved


The Passion Returns!

The passion returns!

August 2nd, 2010

Hi my extraordinary friend! Has feeling unmotivated these past few months been a common theme in your life? Many of us have probably not felt like our self at all lately! If you have been experiencing this, not to worry as it has merely been a physical manifestation of the major energetic processing we've been experiencing on the cellular level from all the astrological alignments and solar energy waves we have been receiving pretty much on a daily basis!

Although all these alignments are exciting and are vastly moving us forward as a united people, it can get a bit wearing on the body, mind, and psyche. When we are feeling tired physically and emotionally, it's our body and mind's way of reminding us that they need to relax, so that we can integrate with the energy shifts and rejuvenate to an even more optimum state than before! Isn't it just amazing how divinely intelligent our bodies really are? If we step back for a moment and just observe, it's absolutely miraculous!

So, where are we in this now moment? We are in a time where our deepest passions in the most creative, personal, spiritual, and even business oriented aspects of our lives are re-awakening and taking center stage again. If you are not feeling motivated yet, you will soon begin to feel like the fire within you has been lit. You will notice a great deal of the distractions you were experiencing these past few months quickly dissolve, clearing the way for you to start focusing on sharing and bringing your gifts into the world again, and this time it will feel even more graceful than before. If you are feeling that inner pull to take inspired an action, then it's very important to honor this nudge within you at this time! A great idea is to keep a journal near you at all times so that you can readily write down any inspired ideas and creative insights that will serve as a guide to anchoring the next chapter of your visions for your life!

During this time, we might also notice in our lives and in the lives of those around us that many chapters that needed resolution and closure will happen. This closure could manifest in areas of relationships, career, sending a child off to school, cleaning and simplifying our physical space, and finally healing physical and/or emotional ailments that until now just weren't ready to let go. With these chapters of our lives receiving closure, other brand new and exciting chapters begin.

On a global level, watch for a progressive shift in the world's monetary system in the next few months, one that I know many of us have been sensing and waiting to manifest for quite some time. Just know that with these changes, a new more integrity-based system will soon follow. It's very important at this time for each one of us to go within, breathe, and quiet ourselves from the outside world (news, gossip, dramatic TV programs) as these are just forms of distractions that prolong what we know is the eminent emergence of the new peaceful and heart-centered world. When we turn off the outside noise as much as possible, we quickly align back with the highest and most gentle path for us, which makes life a much more joyous and miraculous experience.

Remember that as we are processing all the current influx of energies, deeply rooted wounds and belief systems that no longer serve us will come up to the surface to be released. Sometimes these seeming obstacles or issues seem so real we begin to identify with them, maybe even thinking all the inner work we've done on ourselves hasn't paid off, however I want to invite you to look at these seeming challenges as blessings when they arise within you, because now you know that this only means they are ready to be released once and for all. An important part of this process is to be willing to give yourself permission to let these energies go. It's in the instant recognition of this releasing process that we free ourselves completely of all that no longer serves us, and moves us back into the awareness that we are each a physical manifestation of Unconditional Love!

With deepest heart-felt gratitude,

Miraculously yours,



©2010 Emmanuel Dagher, All Rights Reserved

You are absolutely welcome to share these forecasts with others as you feel guided!