Letting Go and Letting Love

October 11th, 2010

Hi my extraordinary friends,

Have you ever seen those movies with epic farewell scenes where we see the star of the film depart on some form of grand transportation such as a ship, train, or plane that we know is about to take them to an adventure like nothing they've ever experienced before? As the stars nostalgically gaze out one last time to the place they've called home for so long, we sense the mixed emotions of excitement and heavy-heartedness they feel as they reflect back and say goodbye to a world they've known for so long. What we are experiencing right now is very similar to these epic farewell scenes.

What are we saying farewell to?

In the month of October, we will internally be guided to tie up the loose ends in our lives that still need resolution and closure. Whether it's mending a strained relationship, paying off old debts, and releasing the out-dated fears, worries, stresses, doubts, grudges, judgments, guilt, and any other similar illusions we've bought into and internalized for so long, now is the time to make the effort to resolve them and move into vibrations aligned with the current positive flow of the Universe. If we are struggling with how to move out of these energies, it's important to allow ourselves to be present and still enough to clearly hear the guidance we receive from our intuition. We can do this by going inside ourselves, rather than always looking outside for the answers. Our intuition is one of the greatest gifts we've been given, and always steers us towards a life filled with ultimate joy, love, and fulfillment.

By now, most of us have noticed that everything around and within us is rapidly changing. A few months ago, I mentioned that we would soon begin to hear about scientific breakthroughs, and that we would also begin to see a collapse of the old worn out structures and systems still focused on promoting the energy of fear, separation, and limitation. This is exactly what we are presently witnessing happen all around us.

In September (although it has been common knowledge behind the scenes for many years now) it was released that a 'new' planet has been 'discovered' which scientists named the Goldilocks planet. The planet was given this name because it appears to have the perfect environment to support and promote the existence of life similar to planet Earth. This might seem like old news to many who have been on a conscious path. However, the fact that science is quickly finding and supporting the same Quantum Concepts many of us have known to be true for so long, and sharing them through mainstream global media outlets is something to celebrate! These new discoveries along with the continued clearing process happening all over the planet are a direct result of the rapidly raising consciousness on our planet.

Of course when old out-dated systems collapse and a brand new world emerges, the first instinct of many is to panic as they move into survival and holding on for dear life mode. For many people, that is exactly where they are right now, especially those still carrying heavy fear-based religious programming. Until a person is ready, they will remain in this space until they receive the blessings and lessons they were meant to learn from the experience. Once the lessons are learned, the person will move into the next part of the evolutionary process which involves surrendering all the misconceptions and fear based thought patterns they bought into for so long. When we can truly move into a space of surrender, we ease into the knowing that life is for us not against us, and anything that made us believe otherwise slowly begins to dissolve.

Right now, within people all around the world we are seeing a great deal of turbulence, anger, and separation. We're seeing all of these energies come to the surface as part of the clearing process. This is more than understandable since what many people have come to know to be their reality for so long is quickly dissipating. It's like lifting the rug from underneath someone. Again this is all just temporary due the powerful influx of energies that have been anchoring into our planet and raising our vibration as a whole over the past few decades. Instead of buying into the fear that is being projected all around us, know that when change occurs it's natural that many are shaken out of their comfort levels and no longer feel safe in the old patterns they once new. So, with this understanding, we can have more compassion towards those experiencing this turbulence in their lives right now, trusting that they are exactly where they need to be on their journey. In fact, it gives us great confirmation that we are indeed moving through a massive shift in consciousness. Do you remember when you first started your journey into becoming more conscious? It took time for you to integrate and progress into the awareness that you have today. This is the same thing others need to also go through and figure out on their own, and that's why we will lovingly be here for them through the process.

With each passing day, we are remembering more and more of who we are and what we are here to experience. We are coming to the full understanding that we are here to experience more of our truest self, a being of ultimate love and joy in physical form here to create and experience more of our true selves, and this realization takes a bit getting used to.

The love quotient magnifies!

“Love” is who we've always been and who we'll always be. It's that Life Force Energy that moves through the trees, the planets, stars, animals, you, me, everything! Love knows no condition, limitation, and has no personality, it just is.

In the month of October, the love quotient on earth will drastically begin to magnify as it carries away the remaining remnants of the dense fog-like energies we've experienced over the past year. Much of this is a result of the diligent personal inner-work and the holding of a sacred unconditional loving space that many people around the world (Loveworkers/ Lightworkers) have been doing for decades. What once began with a small group of people holding this space of love for the masses with the intention for everyone to eventually step into, has now escaladed to the physical manifestation of millions of people around the world coming together as a united society. Have you noticed how there is no tolerance for discrimination of gender, race, culture, and sexual orientation any more the way it used to be? It's pretty miraculous to witness this coming together of all walks of life with the common desire to love and respect one another as we have always meant to do.

As the love quotient magnifies within and all around us, it's normal to experience feelings of emptiness, sadness, heart palpitations, or grief for no apparent reason as part of the releasing process. Soon enough, those energies will become distant
The trains, ships, and planes taking us on our next adventure are officially underway full speed ahead, and soon enough we will arrive in our brand new destinations where love, joy, and miracles can come out and play full time with no more distractions!

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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