The New World Emerges

Peace & blessings!

It is with fullest of hearts that I have the opportunity to connect with you once again and share the miraculous advancements forward we are co-creating together. We have a great deal of things to catch up on, so here we go.

In general, as we choose the path of expansion both personally and globally, we are always given the opportunity to do so in a way that is the most gentle on our physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. Although it might not feel so gentle at times due to the natural resistance our minds might create as they adjusts to the energies of change, with a little conscious effort on our part to be more gentle with ourselves, our ability to move through the current changes becomes much easier.

Many of us who have chosen to embark on a journey of personal and spiritual expansion have come across many readings and messages that have provided us with a great deal of comfort, and some that might have rattled us a bit. (Just as a side note, if a reading or message ever makes us feel disempowered, disconnected, or fearful than it's safe to say that it is not operating from a place of authenticity and truth.) So, because of the great deal of shifts occurring right now in the world, it's important to always ask ourselves this simple question when reading or hearing any messages that may come from news outlets or spiritual forums: Is this message coming from a place of fear & separation or is this coming from a space of love & unity? This question makes it much easier to decipher through what readings actually raise our vibration and those that might hinder our expansion process.

No More Waiting

For a long time, we had only heard about the amazing times that would be manifesting in our lives as a future collective projection. Without a doubt, many of those future projections have now become our full blown present reality! No longer do we have to wait for signs and confirmations that our world is indeed moving into a new age of Oneness, it's actually happening right before our very own eyes. If we are someone who finds ourselves really attached to readings or teachings that make us feel any different because specific details in those readings have not come into fruition yet, I would invite us to be willing to release those attachments so that we can fully embrace the “present now moment” where the real miraculous transformations are happening daily.

The Significance of Egypt

Having grown up in the Middle East and experiencing first hand the density of that region, I have to say that what is transpiring right now in that part of the world is nothing short of miraculous, yet completely expected.

The recent peaceful demonstrations in Egypt facilitated by hundreds of thousands of people that came together as One people (putting all religion & politics aside) where able to overturn a corrupt regime that up until recently had instilled a great fear through violence and control on its people, which gave it great illusionary power. It is by no accident that the beginning of this new forward movement has started in Tunisia and Egypt. These regions energetically have held an extremely highly sacred vibration on our planet for thousands of years.

What the people of Egypt have shown us is that change can happen peacefully. Even when the Egyptian government began to resort to violence, the people of Egypt held their ground through peace. Another important gift they have given to the world is to inspire and motivate their sisters and brothers all over the world to unite together and make their voices heard that fear-based antics, greed, and control are no longer acceptable in our current modern day society.

Let Freedom Ring - A Precedent for The World

So, through the courage of the people of Egypt a domino effect is now fully underway in many different Middle Eastern countries and is spreading out all over the world. A clear message has been sent that freedom, love, and unity always prevail no matter how tough the road ahead seems. There is no turning back now and we will continue to witness the physical manifestation of this unity we've envisioned for so long in action.

The Divine Solar Flares

If we haven't already, we will soon begin to hear more talk in mainstream media outlets of the powerful solar flares entering our atmosphere. Much of it may be delivered in a manner with the intention of creating fear, however the truth is there is absolutely nothing to fear at all. In fact, the solar flares that are continuing to pour into our planet play an important role in our spiritual evolution.

What is the Sun? The sun is energy as everything is energy. This energy resonates at a certain frequency that manifests itself as a bright ball of light. When light enters the energy of matter, it aligns the vibration of that energy matter to match it. So, when the solar waves enter Earth, they align the energy of Earth and everything on Earth to match the vibration of the sun. Of course this happens in increments of what seems like thousands of years in linear time, so that this frequency match manifests gently. During the integration process, the Earth and we go through a cleansing process releasing all the energies that no longer serve our greatest good. Many have been highly aware of this process for years and are now riding on top of this wave as opposed to resisting it.

For the Earth, the solar activity can show up as physical shifting, purging, extraordinary weather patterns, etc... And for us, we experience the same on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Our weather patterns could show up as tears, moodiness, instantaneous laughter, among some other common emotional reactions. The ultimate gift we are receiving from the current solar cycle is the ultimate awakening of our consciousness. This awakening is what is bringing us all together as “One People” moving us out of the illusionary beliefs of separation that any one gender, race, sexual orientation, and culture is better than the other.

The Wave of Unity Begins

So, here we are. We have arrived at the very beginning stages of the time we've all been anticipating, learning, and reading about for thousands of years. The time when a new conscious way of being and living would emerge. Welcome to the emergence of the new world.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,



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