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Peace and Blessings!

Are you feeling massively shifted? It is incredible at how fast we are transforming now personally & globally on a daily basis! The theme these past few weeks has been all about surrendering what no longer serves our greatest good to depths we've never experienced before. Even those who have been on an awakened path for a long time are finding themselves surrender deeper than ever before. What are we surrendering exactly? We are transcending every last part our small self, the victim, the part of us that continues to live in the past, and the story we no longer wish to recreate. This process is absolutely necessary in order for us to fully step back into our highest most Divine selves. This process can feel quite uncomfortable at times, so it's very important to consciously designate time to love & nurture ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental, and soul level to allow the surrendering process be a much smoother experience. If you are feeling empty, isolated, tired, irritated, or as if you are in a void, know that you are not alone, and that this is a normal part of the process which will pass soon.

Another major theme that is occurring right now for many of us is that an overwhelming amount of doors are opening up left and right in areas of personal expansion, relationships, and our careers. It's almost as if we have no clue where to begin or which door to walk through because so many options are presenting themselves to us! This can make the energies around us feel almost chaotic leading many of us to shut down. If we are finding ourselves caught up in hectic energy, take some time to pause and connect with nature. Getting caught up in the seeming chaos can prevent us from seeing the doors that have opened all around us. If you are feeling overwhelmed at this time, simply be willing to surrender to the flow of life and trust that the Universe will take care of everything. As we continue the surrendering process, a feeling of lightness will begin to wash over our auric field and energetic space. For many people, this feeling of lightness already started on May 1st, and will continue to magnify in these coming days and weeks ahead. As things start to lift for us these next few weeks, we will find ourselves more in the energies of fun, laughter, and play. It's similar to when a person goes through a detox program. At first, they might feel a bit uncomfortable as what needs to leave their body moves out, however once all the impurities are released, the person is left feeling better than ever!

How have the current energy shifts been affecting us globally these past few weeks? The volcanic eruption in Iceland alone has catapulted a major awakening and raising in mass consciousness on the soul-ular level, to the point where we actually have taken another quantum leap forward in the direction of living in a heart-centered society. How can we be so sure this is happening? Just take a step back and notice at what's going on with the millions of people waking up and coming together to end anything that causes division and fear. The energies of fear and separation can no longer survive in our current energy climate. A great example of people coming together to end division and fear tactics is happening in the United States right now, after the state of Arizona decided to sign a controversial immigration bill that is not in alignment with the New Earth energies, however we can thank this experience for playing a large part in bringing more people together from all walks of life to promote unity which is what New Earth is all about. Also, the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has exposed much of the questionable actions of the oil companies, re-affirming that our priority is to focus on taking care of our earth with clean energy based products that are safe and helpful to our environment.

As we enter these next few months, the theme of personal and global transformation will reach soaring new heights, to likes of which we haven't seen or experienced in a very long time. Get ready to be introduced to some amazing new technologies and concepts that will continue to bring us all closer together, while at the same time allowing the false illusions we created as a once sleeping society to melt away. How exciting!

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Miraculously yours, Emmanuel Dagher


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  1. I had never thought of looking at the Iceland volcano in a metaphoric way as part of our Ascension process. It would be akin to a boil coming to a head, bursting and 'spewing' impurities.

    The oil mess is another matter entirely. I saw footage of the ocean surface where it appeared "the earth was bleeding", the sheen of the oil looked like blood. Will have to contemplate the meaning of this.

    So lots happening at the moment. Thanks for the message.