Energy Forecast - Waves of Light

March 1st, 2010

Blessings my friend!

I wasn't expecting to write another energy forecast so soon, however we are currently in the middle of a huge powerful influx of light energies that are pouring into every cell and fiber of Earth, meaning every cell and fiber of our being whether we are aware of it or not. What this wave of light does is it stirs up and brings everything that no longer serves us to the surface. All worries, doubts, fears, anxieties, feelings of lack and separation, etc., are all being pulled out from our deepest core and literally are being washed away with this massive tide of light! During such a down pouring of light, the first stage might feel very uncomfortable resulting in moodiness, misunderstandings, crying more than normal, headaches, anxiety, periodic ringing in the ear, anticipation, anger, and so forth. Many might feel they have regressed back to their old ways of being, however there's no need to worry as this is absolutely a normal part of the process, and will only last for a short period of time until we have fully integrated with the current surge of light.

Personally, I have been experiencing a very strong pressure feeling in the head for several days. It doesn't feel like the usual headache, however it is very uncomfortable especially for someone who has not had a headache for 15 years! That's when I knew something major was going on, and from speaking with many of my family and friends, they too are having similar experiences. The best thing we can do during this time is to just breathe and be easy on ourselves. Let the energies do their thing without trying to analyze everything, knowing that the less resistance we create the much easier the process will be!

On a global scale, the Earth is shifting! We are all extensions of her, so if we are shifting so is she! What is currently happening might appear a bit difficult at times, yet just know that it is all perfect as it is. This current cycle is setting the foundations I mentioned in the previous forecast for our very new realities based on the heart-centered way of living and being. After the integration of this current wave of light, we will find ourselves feeling refreshed and brand new (some are already feeling this!) We will begin to feel more connected to everything and everyone around us. A huge energetic opening will also occur in the heart resulting in our feeling more loving, respectful, and understanding towards ourselves and others. Get ready for some miraculous times ahead both in your life and for the planet!

Here we go!!!

Miraculously yours,


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